Woman denied service at nail salon due to blindness

Associated Press - PITTSBURGH (AP) - A woman says she was denied service at a Pittsburgh nail salon because she's legally blind.

Arzella Stewart-McCauley tells WTAE-TV the owner of the nail salon "Le Nails" sent her away last Friday saying she was too busy and it would take too long to help Stewart-McCauley through the process.

Stewart-McCauley says the owner told her it was because Stewart-McCauley can't see. She plans to file a lawsuit.

Salon owner, Hanh Thi Pham, said Wednesday she denied the woman service due to her disability. Pham says providing additional help to customers who need it places a burden on her business and requires too much effort.

Pham says she's aware of disability laws and that she can serve whomever she wants.

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