Woman uses counterfeit driver's license to withdraw money from East Bay banks

LIVERMORE (KRON) -- Police are on the hunt for a woman they say uses a counterfeit driver's license to withdraw cash from an existing bank customer's account.

Officers say the woman entered the West American bank in Livermore at around 11 a.m. back in June.

She fraudulently identified herself by using a fake driver's license and withdrew a large sum of cash from the bank customer's account.

But the suspect wasn't done.

Two hours later, she entered a West American Bank in Walnut Creek.

There, she made a large withdrawal from the same victim's account.

The suspect is a white female in her 60s.

She sometimes wears wigs and hats to change up her appearance. She also sometimes wore a black nylon brace on her right wrist.

Police say she committed similar crimes in other areas.


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