Bay Area woman helping family of Afghan refugees

Afghanistan Falls

A Bay Area woman living in Sacramento is helping a family of Afghan refugees. She is moving back to the Concord area in just a few days and giving her apartment to the family in need.

“Everything is different. The culture and the society. It’s a lot different.” said Abdul Razaq.

Abdul Razaq and his family have been in the United States for six months now, but his brother and his family just arrived in Sacramento days ago.

“They were on the flight right before the infamous flight that had all the videos of everybody holding onto the plane. They were able to make it out, literally the flight before that. They’re currently staying in a hotel.
The first three months of their time here is paid for, but then, they are on their own.” Kim Bradley said.

Kim Bradley lives next door to Abdul Razaq. She’s moving out in just a few days to come back to the Bay Area for a teaching job.

She needed to find someone to take over her lease. Razaq’s family will be moving in — the family will all be able to live next to each other.

“They are really happy for that they are so excited and they said thank god we are living now near you and that you will help and guide us.

“The fact that our safe haven is now able to be their safe haven makes us so happy,” Bradley said.

Razaq still has a lot of family in Afghanistan who worked for the U.S. Embassy for 12 years. They have not yet been able to leave and he says they’re in danger.

“I am really worried about them, and we don’t know what to do,” Abdul said.

It’s not fair their lives are in danger because they worked for a long time for the u.s. government

Bradley is raising money to help pay for Razaq’s family’s first year of rent and accepting donations to help furnish the apartment.

“I am so happy that it worked out this way. I am not the type, I typically don’t believe that things happen for a reason, but this feels like one of those moments where everything is happening for a reason, and I’m just so excited to welcome them into the house tomorrow.”

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