OAKLEY, Calif. (KRON) — The family of a young Oakley woman who was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend is continuing to seek justice. Alexis Gabe’s father launched an online petition asking Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton to file charges against the ex-boyfriend’s mother for allegedly helping her son after Gabe was murdered inside his Antioch home.

Marshall Curtis Jones, 27, was shot to death in June by police officers who attempted to arrest him on murder charges. The petition, which collected 8,825 signatures in a matter of days, calls on District Attorney Diana Becton to file criminal charges against Jones’ mother, Alicia Coleman Clark.

A timeline compiled by police detectives revealed Jones’ activities and whereabouts the night of Gabe’s disappearance, as well as the months leading up to Jones’ clash with police.

Gabe’s family said police showed them the timeline for the first time last week. They were horrified by one part of the timeline in particular, when Jones drove to his mother’s house and unloaded large trash bags onto his mother’s property.

Gabe, 24, was murdered on the night of January 26, according to police. On January 28, Jones drove to his mother’s house, backed his Ford Explorer into the driveway, and unloaded “several large, heavy garbage bags” into either the backyard or garage, according to the timeline.

Jones and his mother then went to a Metro PCS store together and bought a new phone for Jones. Around 5 p.m. that same day, Jones re-loaded the garbage bags back into the Ford Explorer, all while his mother was hosting a karaoke party inside her house, according to the timeline.

Home surveillance cameras recorded Jones’ activities outside his mother’s house. “Seeing those black garbage bags was the most horrifying thing we have ever seen. It was the most horrible feeling for a parent to see something like this happen to their child. She didn’t deserve this,” Gabe’s parents wrote.

On the night of January 28, Jones drove to his sister’s house in Vacaville, left, and powered his phones off. His whereabouts went unaccounted for until he turned his phones back on and returned to his mother’s house at 1 a.m. on January 29. Investigators suspect that Jones may have dumped Gabe’s body in a remote area during that period.

On May 19, Clark was arrested by the Oakley Police Department on suspicion of Penal Code 32, defined as knowingly harboring, concealing, or aiding a criminal to protect the person from arrest, trial, and conviction. The petition includes Clark’s mug shot.

After Clark was arrested, according to the petition, “DA Diana Becton declined to file charges and released her.”

District Attorney’s Office spokesman Ted Asregadoo told KRON4, “Alicia Clark was arrested on a Ramey warrant in May. A Ramey warrant is an investigative means to conduct a formal police interview. Following that investigative inquiry, Ms. Clark was released by the arresting agency – which was the Antioch Police Department.”

Alexis Gabe
Alexis Gabe

Jones was fatally shot by the Pacific Northwest Violent Offenders Task Force in Kent, Washington after he lunged at officers with a knife on June 1, police said.

Gabe’s body has never been found. Her grieving family remains determined to find more answers.

Her father, Gwyn Gabe, wrote on the petition, “The person who helped or assisted Marshall Jones and tried to cover up what he had done was his mother, Alicia Coleman Clark.  She also knows where Marshall hid the body of Alexis Gabe but she is not cooperating. We ask CCC District Attorney Diana Becton to file charges against her and put her in jail.  She’s an accessory to her son’s crime.”