(KRON) — We all know about wine and cheese…But what about wine and spring rolls? Or pork bao buns? That’s the kind of tasting you’ll get at RD Winery in Napa.

The Vietnamese owned business aims to highlight the versatility of wine and food. RD is the first Vietnamese owned winery in Napa. While their production is small — just 2,000 cases a year —
they’re hoping to make a big impact on the industry.

Mailynh Phan says while RD has technically been producing wine since 2012, for the first several years they were only exporting back to Vietnam. In 2020, they shifted their focus, opening the big blue tasting room off Highway 29.

This facility was originally Hakusan Sake, which was the first sake place in Napa. This was back in the early 1990s, so there’s a history of firsts here. Cherry blossom trees rumored to be a gift from a Japanese emperor still decorate the parking lot in pink. But it’s inside where they hope visitors find a sense of community.

The private tasting room is inspired by popular Ha Long Bay and outfitted with brightly colored paintings from Vietnamese artists.

RD Winery offers Napa’s only pan Asian food and wine experience, pairing their fifth moon wines with Asian flavors like a zinfandel with a pork bao bun.

The unique tasting is $65 bucks and bottles on average cost just $25. Mailynh says making affordable wine that tastes good is a top priority.

This summer, RD will host its third Summer Moon Festival, a nod to the Vietnamese celebration of the harvest moon, meant to bring luck to crops and prosperity to all.

This year’s Summer Moon festival is set to take place on Saturday July 22.