Brittany Begley

Meteorologist Brittany Begley’s passion is making sure viewers across the Bay Area are safe and prepared for their days. 

With more than a decade of experience anchoring both weather and news, Brittany is a “jack-of-all trades” with a deep commitment to serving the viewer and going the extra mile for her community. 

Brittany worked as a news anchor during the pandemic where she focused on helping many hard-working Californians receive their EDD benefits. She was also responsible for keeping people safe on the roadways while earning her certificate from Mississippi State in Meteorology. Brittany was a guest speaker for Google/Waze in New York City and one of the first traffic reporters to speak at NAB in Las Vegas. Her passion for keeping people safe on the roads is a big part of her weather story-telling. 

In her free time, Brittany studies the science behind health and wellness. She’s been blessed to research healthy living from some of the best doctors in the country and is committed to making sure her social media community is empowered to “weather” their inner and outer storms.

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