Dave Spahr

Dave was born and raised in the Pittsburgh, PA area. After graduating college, at Ashland University in Ohio, his broadcast journey began. He first made a stop in Jacksonville, Florida for a Summer post graduate internship, to learn the ropes of local TV news.

His first job, in Fort Smith, Arkansas began with a bang, as on his journey there, passed a strong line of thunderstorms which produced tornadoes. Crossing the Mississippi, which had whitecaps, he landed on the other side of the front with blue skies and cool winds. During his brief tenure, of news and weather, he interviewed, then, Governor Bill Clinton. Soon, he was off again, to Columbus, Georgia. Near the infantry base of Fort Benning, during the first Gulf War, plenty of daily news was generated by continuous troop deployments. He was live for coverage of the March 1993 ‘Storm of the Century’ event, which produced heavy snows up the East Coast. While in his area there was ‘thundersnow.’

By the mid 90‘s he was in Springfield, Missouri. Not only did the weather change every ten minutes, but was very inconsistent over the region. It was not unheard of to have Winter Storm Watch at the same time as a Tornado Watch on the other side of the viewing area. Springs were often filled by very loud thunderstorms, even at the dead of night, followed by a sunny morning. During the Winters, always on the lookout for nasty ice storms.

In the late 90‘s, he had moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, which at that time, was a mini Hurricane Alley. Additionally, the Winters provided challenges with the ‘Appalachian Wedge,’ which is a recipe for ice storms. January 2000, a major ‘bomb’ developed off the East Coast (deep low pressure system) and in 24 hours almost two feet of snow paralyzed the Raleigh-Durham area (The Triangle) for days.

Then in 2003, he moved out West, doing morning and noon weather in Palm Springs. It was hot and sometimes dry…but not always. Come mid to late July, the monsoon machine fires up, sending sticky hot air to the Coachella Valley. Often sparking off afternoon ‘air mass thunderstorms.’ But, sometimes they can be severe. In July 2005, Dave’s team was the first on and last off air, as nervous residents were shaken by an evening gust front, spawned by Arizona Monsoon thunderstorms, bringing winds of more than 40mph to the Coachella Valley. Weather fronts in the late Spring, which often don’t produce rain, can deliver winds, blowing sand and dust, often shutting down major roads.

He briefly had stops in San Diego and later Fresno, before moving to the Bay Area and joining KRON4 in 2015. On the weekend mornings, he also does fill in work during the week and provides forecasts for KRON-ON.

Dave completed coursework with Mississippi State and earned his AMS seal in 2009. He also moonlighted as a radio DJ through the years for some half a dozen stations, working CHR/Hot and AC/Adult Mixes. In his spare time he enjoys history, an avid C-SPAN junky and a very amateur body surfer.

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