J.R. Stone

J.R. Stone anchors KRON 4 NEWS AT 8, KRON 4 NEWS AT 10, and SPORTS NIGHT LIVE on both Saturday and Sunday. He reports for KRON 4 NEWS AT 10 during the week.

Stone has 17 years of news experience and recently anchored KRON’s Emmy winning breaking news coverage of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland that killed 36 people. He anchored KRON’s breaking news coverage of the Oroville Dam Crisis that forced thousands of people to evacuate. When the Asiana Airlines flight crashed at SFO in 2013; J.R. anchored for 10 hours.

When news stories aren’t breaking sports stories usually are. J.R. has covered 2 World Series, 3 Super Bowls, 3 NBA Finals, and a Stanley Cup Finals. When the Giants won their last two World Series; he was in the clubhouse interviewing players and getting doused with champagne as he did so. He’s a sports junkie and while he does love covering Bay Area teams, he won’t hide the fact that he’s a huge Chicago Bears and Michigan Football fan.

“I haven’t met you but I feel like you’re the kind of guy I could be friends with” is something that a viewer told J.R. at a San Jose Sharks game recently. Stone prides himself as being a journalist of the people and took that comment to heart. Most of the stories J.R. breaks come from viewers. He does at least 4 hours of Facebook Live with many of those KRON viewers every weekend. Conversations on Facebook Live range from breaking news stories to what’s for dinner.

As a reporter J.R. doesn’t beat around the bush. He’s exposed rat problems at San Francisco Walgreens stores, helped bust apartment owners who discriminated against African Americans, and recently exposed teen riots that broke out at an Oakland carnival.

Before coming to the Bay Area J.R. was a journalist in Florida, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. He’s done live segments for CNN, The Weather Channel, and the CBS Early Show. If you have a comment, story idea, or just want to say hi you can find him at KRON 4 J.R. Stone on Facebook.

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