Kyla Grogan

Kyla Grogan

Kyla started off in TV news as a reporter and anchor before finding her way to weather.

After transitioning to meteorology, she made it to The Weather Channel where she was part of the team that covered Hurricanes Sandy and Isaac as well as several major tornado outbreaks. She also provided weather hits for other NBC properties including MSNBC.

While at TWC Kyla had the fortune of working alongside some of the best meteorological minds in the business. Kyla learned a great deal from them and relies on her Weather Channel training daily in forecasting. Other stops along the way for Kyla include CBS Philly, NYC and Los Angeles.

She holds a journalism degree from Boston University and a Geosciences/Meteorology degree from MSU.

Kyla is an avid traveler, highlights include seeing the glaciers of Antarctica, the Moai statues of Easter Island, and meeting school children in Papua New Guinea. Those experiences gave her a deep appreciation of the incredible education that travel can be. It also left her addicted to seeing new places and learning about new cultures.

Kyla is forever planning her next adventure and feels very lucky to have seen so much of the world already.

Prior to her TV career, Kyla sang and danced in touring companies of Broadway shows including “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular,” “Beehive” and “Starlight Express” – yes, the one on roller skates! She doesn’t sing the weather – but has been known to entertain co-workers during commercial breaks.

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