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World wide water shortage problem

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- World wide water shortage problem

With the current pandemic and worldwide shortage of clean drinking water, auto shut off faucets can help improve sanitation and water conservation , which will soon be increasing in demand if not a daily necessity 

Solution with Auto Shut off faucets 

Unfortunately, the only electronic auto shut off faucets that you find in public restrooms often fail , hence you see them only in public restrooms with multiple sinks and not in hotels or hospitals with only one sink. 

The main reason for their constant failure is because of battery failure which requires constant changing of batteries using costly engineers time and labor cost.

SmartFaucets unique Features & Benefits

Hydroelectric rechargeable battery-
SmartFaucets, is a Touchless sensor faucets, that uses hydroelectric powered rechargeable battery which can easily be charged by bathroom cleaners while cleaning the bathroom once a month for only half hour, solving the battery failure issue plus saving the environment flooding millions of batteries every year

Patented Timer technology-
In addition, SmartFaucets has a patented technology ( patent No. 7766-026) with preset timer that defaults at 5 seconds so users can fill up a cup so water is shut off while brushing their teeth, washing of face, putting on contact lens, shaving and can help save 5-6 gallons per person per day or 2000 gallons a year 

3. Huge savings in Restaurant Kitchen— $3000 - $4000 per year 
In restaurant kitchen sinks, SmartFaucets can help save paper towels shutting off the manual faucets with paper towels ( by law) to for sanitary reasons. 
$1 a day means $400 a year saved in cost of paper towels plus trash. 
If we can save even 15 mins per day in trash disposal labor cost this saves another $5 a day at $20 an hour, that’s another savings of another $2000 a year 

By law restaurants staff must scrub their hands for 20 seconds, our timer technology helps shuts off the water while scrubbing their hands saving another $1000 a year in water, gas, electric. 

4. Patented preset temperature— 
The other patented technology that SmartFaucets has is preset temperature ,
which offers 65/80/95/110F and Defaults at 80F, so users always enjoy warm water. 
Temperature can be changed with a touch of a knuckle instead of having to adjust the water temperature with filthy hands saving another 2 gallons of water adjusting 12 times a day 

5. Total savings in water per person per year —This helps save a total 2500-3000 gallons of water per person per year between the timer and temperature patent. 

6. Lab tested for 550,000 uses without failure - 
Last but not least, SmartFaucets has been lab tested by IAPMO for 550,000 uses without failure giving it a lifespan of 30 years is used 50 times a day making SmartFaucets the most reliable, most durable and even more economical than manual faucets with savings in water, gas, electric paper towels and trash.  

SmartFaucets can also be touchpad to attach to existing manual faucets for showers and bathtub for further water conservation. 

SmartFaucets had been lab tested by Marymount university of California to save 40% water with an 8 seconds timer. 

Now that we use 5 seconds timer, SmartFaucets can potentially help save 50% water which will eliminate costly desalination plants which will escalate water cost as it uses high energy cost plus killing ocean lives or water recycling method which can be unhealthy as chemicals are added to clean the dirty water and is contradictory to eating organic food. 

SmartFaucets can help solve California water shortage crisis. 

The government need to subsidise and implement SmartFaucets as opposed to investing in desalination plants or recycling plants

With 5 billion faucets in United States alone,  
SmartFaucets can help save trillions of gallons of water every year.

SmartFaucets is the faucet of the future, 
It’s not a faucet you choose to have , 
It is a faucet you cannot live without. 

Just like an iPad versus typewriter !! 

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