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Omnic Data and Northeastern University Student Uncover Key Strategies for Valorant Success

Omnic Data's AI Analyzes 30,000+ Valorant Rounds, Revealing Game-Changing Insights into Player Strategies and Role Identification.

BRUNSWICK, ME, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Omnic Data, Inc. a leading innovator in the esports performance technology sector, is pleased to spotlight the groundbreaking work of Sophia Cofone, a data science graduate student at The Roux Institute at Northeastern University.

Cofone's capstone research project, titled "Gameplay-Based Classification of Valorant Players: Insights and Feature Importance," has successfully identified key predictors of win/loss outcomes and role classification based on gameplay characteristics. The data for this project was generated by Omnic Data's proprietary AI coaching platform, Omnic Forge, and involved the analysis of over 30,000 rounds of professional Valorant gameplay footage.

The study revealed several important insights into winning strategies in Valorant. Contrary to popular belief, the choice of character is not the most significant factor in determining win/loss outcomes. Instead, the nuances of a winning strategy are more subtle. For the Attacker side, eliminations are not the most important feature of successful gameplay. Rather, staying alive is the most crucial factor. The survival of both the player and their teammates is the greatest indicator of winning a match. On the Defender side, a quality loadout is the most important factor, followed by high ability use and the total health of the team. The spike plant can also play a large role in the strategies employed. Pre-plant gameplay is characterized by a focus on weapon-related features, while post-plant credits become a key indicator of a team's success.

The model was able to accurately identify the role a user was playing more than 80% of the time based solely on their gameplay data, excluding team composition data and character choice. The key indicators of a player's role classification were ability usage across all types.

These findings represent a significant advancement in the application of computer vision and AI to generate new data and insights in the field of esports. This research marks a major step forward in how teams can measure performance and make objective decisions using the Omnic Forge platform.
For more information on the data and analysis, please visit: https://github.com/sophiacofone/valorant_omnic.git

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