SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — With four days until the recall election, a new poll shows even more California voters say they’ll keep Governor Gavin Newsom in office.

A new Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies and L.A. Times poll shows Newsom has more breathing room, with a boost in Democrat enthusiasm compared to a couple of months ago.

But the front-running replacement candidate, Larry Elder, is preparing to challenge the election results.

The new poll shows 60% of likely voters say they will keep Newsom in office. The governor did not respond to questions about the poll Friday as he and first partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom cast their ballots in Sacramento but said he’s focused on voter turnout.

“We’re reaching out,” Newsom said. “Taking nothing for granted.”

The poll also shows that frontrunner Larry Elder opened up a big lead among the field of replacement candidates, with 38% of likely voters saying they’ll pick him.

Ahead of election day, Elder’s website now has a tab for voters to report election incidents and a petition to demand a special legislative session to investigate the “twisted results of the 2021 special election.”

“It’s just an extension of the big lie, ‘stop the steal,'” Newsom said. “I mean, it’s just a remarkable thing. We’re four days out, election hasn’t even happened and now they’re all claiming election fraud.”

Newsom was asked if he’ll accept the results if voters remove him from office.

“Of course, I align with the will of the voters and will accept whatever the outcome is,” Newsom said.

The governor said Friday he was not ready to say what he’s learned from this whole process. He said he’ll be ready to reflect once the recall is over.