BRENTWOOD, Calif. (KRON) – Distance learning, interrupted by profanity and racial slurs, in one East Bay school district.

Some teachers and students in the Liberty Union High School District in Brentwood started the school year off online getting “Zoom Bombed.”

At the start of the school year in Brentwood, teachers and students were interrupted during their Zoom classroom meetings with what’s been described by the school district superintendent as abhorrent racist, misogynistic, sexually demeaning and repellent behavior.

“First couple of the days, it was light and then the last 3 days of the first week it happened a lot,” Eric Volta said. 

It’s called ‘Zoom Bombing,’ and it has the potential of becoming a real problem across the country for students participating in online learning.

People are crashing online classes with profanity, hate, and pornography.

It happened during a Zoom meeting for Tatiana Torres, a junior at Heritage High School in Brentwood.

“There was this first person there were saying the n word repeatedly and like I hate Black and brown people and another kid started doing it and kind of saying like some bad words and then the n word, too,” Tatiana said. 

Tatiana’s teacher was quick to end the Zoom meeting for all students  but it happened to other teachers and students, too.

“Some of them were exposed to pornography in other classes,” Connie Torres said

“One teacher caught 30 kids in the waiting room that didn’t belong in his class,” Volta said. 

Superintendent Eric Volta is still unsure if the hackers “Zoom Bombing” distance learning classes were students or former students or complete strangers who just happened to gain access to the meetings. 

One thing is for sure though, he says he took swift action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We are obviously in a very uncomfortable very frustrating time but when it’s all said in done the learning curves that have occurred over the last month will carry us on for a long time going forward,” Volta said. 

The district now has stricter security settings that identify students in each class. 

Since implementing these new changes, they say they have not had any additional “Zoom Bombing” incidents.

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