LONG BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) – About 20 miles south of Hollywood sits California’s 7th most populous city, Long Beach.

Adventure from the East Village to Retro Row to talk food, music, movie history, and of course – the beach.

The ocean is just two blocks down the street so you can enjoy the 5.5-mile long beach path.

There are 11 miles of protected waters where you can kitesurf and jet ski and you can’t do that in areas without a breakwater.

All of the foodie scenes are great and there are so many unique shops.

There’s Fingerprint Records – 8,000-square-feet specializing in vinyl, books, cassettes, and they’re known for their secret shows.

Folks like the Foo Fighters and Dashboard Confessional are known to frequent the shop.

Long Beach has also been a filmmaking mecca since the early 20th century, with too many “Miami stand-in” TV and film credits to count.

“Dexter” was filmed here. It was supposed to be in Miami. “CSI Miami” was also filmed in Long Beach.

Justin Bieber just filmed a music video on this corner. “La la Land” was filmed in the bar downstairs next to me.

Part of local lore is that the customers from “Mad Men” came down here for inspiration because it’s just a block of five or six vintage stores.

Founded in 1897, where should people come in 2021? Visit Long Beach.