SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The latest Drought Monitor released June 10 shows no improvements for California’s dry season.

In fact, more of the Bay Area has now fallen under the worst of drought conditions.

The entire North Bay and Contra Costa County, plus parts of San Francisco and Alameda County are now considered to be under ‘exceptional drought’ (D4).

The rest of the Bay Area is under ‘extreme drought’ (D3).

“California continued to see the impacts of drought increase, and there was expansion of extreme and exceptional drought in the northern and central areas as well as along the coast of central California,” according to the Drought Monitor.

The Sierra Drought Monitor has expanded to include Sierra and Kern Counties in the D4 category.

With no rain in the forecast and higher temperatures coming this week, fire danger continues to be a concern, KRON4 Meteorologist John Shrable said.