SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The latest round of wet weather is still not enough for California to get out of the drought. 

After California had its three driest months on record this year, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Monday in efforts to boost water conservation. 

Newsom is requesting state water regulators to consider a ban on watering decorative grass at businesses and institutions. His administration estimates the executive order could save hundreds of thousands of acre-feet worth of water. 

“We’re not asking for communities to dry up their parks or recreational spaces or allow their trees to die to the contrary,” said Wade Crowfoot, California Natural Resources secretary. “But we are suggesting that non-functional turf, in other words, the only other time it gets walked on is to mow.” 

Another part of the governor’s order is urging regulators to require urban water supplies to move up a level in their water saving efforts to stage two. 

As a result of the state’s last drought, California established levels and plans tailored for each local water agency to prepare water shortages. For example, level two for many communities includes reducing the number of days residents can use water outdoors. 

“A single conservation target across the state doesn’t make sense because some communities have done absolutely everything they can,” said Jared Blumenfeld from the California Environmental Protection Agency. 

Every county in California remains under a drought-related emergency declaration. State officials said they’re trying to conserve water before the drought intensifies.