SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – At least 37% of California is in extreme drought – that includes parts of the Bay Area. 

Just a few days ago, parts of Sonoma County was in an extreme drought. Since then, the conditions have not gotten any better. 

A majority of the Bay is in a severe drought.

California is so dry that it’s impacting the water levels. The current water supply is below 60% at Lakes Sonoma and Mendocino this year already. 

That’s a big drop compared to 2020, when the water supply levels we’re at almost 90%. 

State reservoir levels are about 70% of average.

Since water is scarce, California water officials are cutting back on the amount of water they distribute to places across the state.

They normally give about 15% of water — now they’re distributing 5%. They’re doing that after a historically dry January and February. 

There has been little to no rain this month, and as March comes to an end, state water officials are warning people to brace for a third year of drought.