SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Kid Rock will not be showing up in cities with a vaccine or strict COVID-19 mandates for his “Bad Reputation Tour,” the rock artist said in a Facebook video Thursday.

With the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases in January due to the omicron variant, cities and counties are reverting back to a mask mandate or other COVID-19-related restrictions.

However, Rock says if those mandates are still in place by the time his tour starts in April, he will not perform at the city with such mandates.

“If (COVID/vaccine mandates are not lifted), trust me, you don’t have to worry,” Rock said on his Facebook page with 7 million followers. “You’ll be getting your money back because I won’t be showing up either.”

Rock said he had to cancel shows in Buffalo, New York and Toronto, Canada because of vaccine mandates he didn’t want to deal with for his audience.

“People are holding up their (expletive) vaccine cards and wearing masks. That (expletive) ain’t happening,” Rock said.

Many of his shows are inside indoor arenas, but none on the tour schedule are in California — a state known for stricter COVID-19 and vaccine mandates for large indoor and outdoor events.

Rock’s first stop is on April 6 at the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana. The first thing on the venue’s website says “face masks optional” and “no COVID test or proof of vaccination required.” There is also a picture of a no symbol placed over a face mask.