SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – A new tv mini series is being filmed in Sonoma County.

It’s the story of a white family that owns a ranch and the Latinx workers who live there.

That means there’s some drama in the interactions between the two families and their cultures but this time it looks at it from a 2020 perspective.

It’s called “Casa Grande.”

The big house, where the land owner lives, and a metaphor for the pursuit of the American dream.

It’s the latest production from Petaluma native and Iranian-American filmmaker Ali Afshar.

“It’s all about, literally love and life and challenges and the immigration issues they’re facing and the Americans are facing as well. I think it’s gonna be really interesting. I think it’s really timely for this moment,” Afshar said.

These scenes are being shot on ranch land near Tomales.

“The grand theme is peeling back the veil of the machine we all live in. If we did not have the Hispanic workforce in America working 14 hours a day we wouldn’t have the products in our grocery stores,” creator Lauern Swickard said.

The five part mini series explores how the farm workers and the land owners interact. There’s been extra effort to have Latinx voices make sure the stories are genuine.

“As a Latina, I’m very proud to be part of this project. It deals with racism. I feel this country is in a racism war at the moment. So it’s very important that Latinos are portrayed in a very truthful and honest way,” director Gabriella Tagliavini said.

Actress Karen Bethzabe is from Sinaloa, Mexico, and came to this country with 300 dollars and a language barrier.

“We’re going to do a scene right now where we’re literally walking with our luggage on the streets figuring out where we’re going and I had a moment like that in my life. I have so many moments like that. where you’re faced with the reality of adapting to a new country,” Bethzabe said.

There’s the familiar elements of a mini series: Love, conflict, betrayal and hope.

“It’s a very human story,” executive producer Ava Rettke said.

“We care about these stories because they’re our stories and I don’t think there will be a time where we give up on this story, these stories, because they’re still so relevant,” actress Raquel Dominguez said.

Warner Brothers is involved in the project and if it’s a hit. Look for more episodes soon.

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