Meet the wholesome TikTok star YourKoreanDad


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Nick Cho, a.k.a @YourKoreanDad on the social media video app TikTok, talks about his viral content and why people love him.

His TikToks include joining him to buy a plant, making recipes like curry rice and even getting the COVID-19 vaccine “together.”

Cho is a real dad of two teens, and doesn’t dress like a typical dad – he’s a major sneakerhead (check his collection in the background of the interview).

But he’s not knocking the classic dad shoes and jeans. “Those [dad jeans] are all back you know – the wider leg, not the skinny stuff,” he adds.

So why are over 2 million people following YourKoreanDad on TikTok?

“Nowadays people can use a wholesome, friendly face on the internet,” Cho says of his growing popularity on the video platform. He said he also gets a lot of responses from young people who don’t have a great father figure or experience in their own lives.

“When you’re a child of immigrants there’s a lot you have to figure out yourself — and have the opportunity and burden to build your own persona,” Cho said. Ultimately, our Korean Dad said he just wants to give people a good experience, on and off the screen.

The TikTok star lives in San Francisco and also runs a coffee shop in the city and in Berkeley called Wrecking Ball Coffee.

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