OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The vote happened overnight, taking eight hours for Oakland city councilmembers to certify the final environmental impact report.

Oakland is one step closer to securing the A’s a new ballpark at Howard Terminal after six councilmembers voted yes and two voted no.

This paves the way for the city to make a binding agreement with the team this summer.

About 400 people spoke during public comment, which took hours.

Some people were not in favor of the location of the proposed project while others saying this would create a ton of jobs.

The 12 billion dollar project in Oakland includes a stadium seating 35,000 people.

The project also includes 3,000 housing units nearby, a hotel, commercial space and affordable housing.

The plan even includes an arts venue and an 18-acres park.

Mayor Libby Schaaf released her excitement in a statement saying that Thursday night’s vote is more than just a milestone.

“It’s a giant leap forward in our shared mission to create a regional destination that gives back our waterfront to the public, connects a new vibrant neighborhood to our downtown, and provides tens of thousands good union jobs for our residents – and it does it all while keeping our beloved A’s rooted in Oakland.”

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

Last night’s vote is the first of two city council will take to certify the report.

A final vote will happen March 1.

A’s President Dave Kaval tweeted saying yes vote now we are one step closer to the new waterfront ballpark at Howard terminal.

However, the team is still in talks with developers and leaders in Nevada for a potential move to Las Vegas.

Thursday night’s vote is first of two the city council will take to certify the final environmental impact report. A vote for final passage is scheduled for March 1.