4 Things You Need to Know to Fight Climate Change This Holiday Season


During the holidays, carbon pollutions soars with all the extra travel and packages. That’s why climate specialist Charles Winters is back, showing everyone how easy it is to fight climate change with Cool Effect. In one hot minute, your small efforts can reduce emissions and make a world of difference.

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Take Charge with Charles

Charles has 4 ways to help you keep holiday spirits high and carbon emissions down

Thing 1: Reduce your Holiday Footprint 

Offset Your Travel

Travel is inevitable over the holidays, but all those carbon emissions from planes and cars can add up quickly. Make sustainable choices, like carpooling or using public transportation whenever you can. If you’re flying to see family, you can offset your travel by contributing to a project with Cool Effect, a non-profit organization working to reduce the carbon emissions that cause climate change. At Cool Effect, you can calculate the carbon emissions of your flight and donate the corresponding amount. It’s easy and affordable. For example, the average passenger flying round-trip economy from New York, NY to San Francisco, CA generates nearly one tonne of carbon dioxide, and that can be offset for about six dollars.

Be Package Smart

Shipping is expensive, but you’re not the only one who pays for a stamped package. The average express package is associated with approximately 9.6 pounds of carbon emissions (depending on weight and distance of course). When you mail your seasonal boxes, there are a few things you can do to help. Try bundling your packages, so several items come in one delivery. Send your gifts by December 1 to avoid rush shipping and next day delivery. “Rush” makes it difficult for suppliers to organize fuel-efficient and reduced carbon emission deliveries.

For more tips on reducing carbon emissions, visit cooleffect.org.

Thing 2: Personalized Gifts 

It’s the yearly question: What do you get that friend or family member who has everything? That’s easy. Offset their carbon footprint by buying tonnes and supporting local communities. Cool Effect has several gift packages that allow you to give a unique and personalized gift to everyone on their list. You can keep it seasonal with the Snowman Themed Gift, which supports the entire portfolio of Cool Effect carbon-reduction projects across the globe. It’s available for last minute giving and there is always free shipping!


Average price of a tonne is $9.07.

Thing 3: Make Small Changes for Big Results  

It doesn’t take much to have a positive impact on the planet. From food waste, to water usage, to closet management, your little changes can make a big impact. Download and print our special infographic, which has a range of helpful carbon-reducing tips.

Thing 4: Support Cool Effect Projects and Give Back to Earth 

Cool Effect works with the world’s best carbon-reducing projects, providing people an easy way to effectively fight climate change. From wind power in Costa Rica, to mangrove preservation in Myanmar, to clean cookstoves in Honduras, each Cool Effect project is scientifically verified to make a positive impact on the planet. Combining transparency and expertise, Cool Effect gives individuals the power to join together and make sure things stay merry and bright for generations to come.  SEE PROJECTS


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