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HAWAII (KRON) – Hawaii is welcoming back tourists — After closing the door to folks who love to vacation in paradise, their governor says it’s now safe to come to the islands.

So of course, KRON4’s Vicki Liviakis showed up on Nov. 1 to check out the food scene post-shut-down.  

First stop, TBD in Waikiki.

New to Honolulu, looking for some good food and drink.  

There’s the relatively new TBD by Vikram Garg, which sounds like a name to be determined but no, that’s the name.

“TBD, it’s kind of kitsch and it stuck.”  

Although the vibe is playful, famed local chef Vikram Garg is actually classically trained. 

The chef may come to your table to whip up risotto and freshly shaved Italian truffles.

At the bar, bartender Wilam whips up a wicked potion he calls Latin Mayhem.

These diners traveled from afar to try it out.

On the edge of Hawaii’s famed Waikiki Beach, TBD is low-key, tucked away in the boutique Lotus Hotel.

The cuisine is quirky, not what you might expect from a Hawaiian restaurant menu and that’s by design.

There’s a Moroccan tagine, Pacific Shrimp Escargo, and a cozy chocolate chip treat for your sweet tooth.  

You might polish off the night with this fun mango pop sprinkled with gold flakes, that’s what you call “Chill.”

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