SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — We have to get pretty creative in the kitchen during the pandemic stay at home, so wouldn’t it be great to ask a famous chef – anything?  

On tonight’s Dine & Dish – we meet the chefs who are willing to answer any of your dining questions, plus help out those who are hardest hit by the restaurant recession.

Miss the great dishes served up at your favorite restaurants? Here’s a way to talk with the chef and make it yourself.

It’s called #askachefanything. Cooked up by award-winning chefs around the country.

Here in the Bay Area – they’re kicking off with chefs like Dominque Crenn, Chris Cosentino, Michelin star chef – Branden Jiu of Mr. Jui’s in San Francisco is happy to talk with you – virtually. 

All you have to do is bid on your favorite chef. The money goes to help out of work restaurant workers who need to put food on their family’s table.

You can ask anything – how to spice up the family meal, reveal a secret sauce, even dream up with a unique dish.

Who knows, this on-the-job training might even turn you into a celebrity chef – at least in your own home.