SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Finally! We’re able to eat out again and even travel to vacation hot spots.

Hawaii, once off limits, is welcoming visitors back from the Bay Area.

Wax up your surfboard because tonight on Dine and Dish, I’m taking us to “Roy’s,” super popular both here on the mainland and on the islands.

“I don’t get to the beach as often as I’d like to!” Roy Yamaguchi said. 

That’s because Roy Yamaguchi is back in the kitchen whipping up his famous Asian fusion dishes.

“A lot of great foods from different cultures that make up Hawaii,” Yamaguchi said. 

A relief to these diners that Hawaii is no longer off limits for visitors.

“Everybody’s into the spirit making sure that we do everything right,” Yamaguchi said. 

This is the original “Roy’s,” near the beach at Hawaii Kai where locals and tourists can now come back for a romantic view and a fabulous meal, like this fresh fish Crudo.

“We have the Crudo, we have the great traditional dishes and short ribs,” Yamaguchi said. 

Dishes you might find at classic Roy’s in Pebble Beach as well.

Roy’s is iconic Hawaiian dining that really captures the flavors of the islands. Of course, if you can’t make it to Hawaii, no worries you can always make it at home.

Roys is teaming up with other Hawaiian chefs to create this Blue Apron Box of ingredients to cook up dishes yourself like soy ginger shrimp or sweet and sour chicken or seared steak with bok choy.

“It’s all about flavors that you can enjoy and elevate your cooking talent and learn different things about cooking,” Yamaguchi said. 

Sure you can make your own Hawaii-inspired dishes or like me, maybe you’re just better at making reservations.