SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Restaurants come and go especially these days but some have a way of enduring – Such is the case of the ever popular House of Prime Rib.  

A San Francisco staple around since the 1940’s reduced to take out during the peak of the pandemic – but it’s back in full force.

On this week’s Dine and Dish, we take you to “hopper” as it’s fondly referred to by longtime fans.

The welcome mat is out again. Prime rib, slabs of it, served up to patrons from these vintage rolling serving carts.  

It’s only a question of size. Massive or not quite as massive.

There are sides like yorkshire pudding and even spinach but meat is really the star here.

“Nobody leaves here hungry!”

The chef says that’s part of the appeal to anybody with a fierce appetite. Sports fans, don’t be surprised if you see beefy football players from time to time.

Joe and his son Steven play host to the Niners every season and the Blue Angels when they’re in town. 

“We try to come here as often as possible. It’s so hard to get in but we made it in tonight.” 

Hopper is hopping. Elbo room only, even tourists are booking.

Good luck trying to get a reservation.