SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – During the COVID shutdown, some of our favorite restaurants closed up for good but there are some new eateries on the landscape.

Tonight on Dine and Dish, we’re taking you to a new Peruvian restaurant called “Jaranita.”

It’s a tiny spot with big flavors.

Jaranita in San Francisco’s Marina District is open for business. Freshly made from the bar – a tasty Sangria they call Zen-gria.

It is the party-hearty Marina neighborhood after all, so general manager Kenzeo Mpoyi will whip up another Peruvian favorite –  a Pisco Sour they call a Nike Sour.

Jaranita is the new little sister of the upscale La Mar on the waterfront.

While La Mar is fish-centric, the focus is on the rotisserie pasture-raised chicken cooked over a charcoal pit.

Chef Victoriano Lopez is from Peru so of course he makes a mean ceviche.

Diners are treated to bright playful murals by a Bay Area artist and in the back, a patio complete with living olive tree festooned with ribbons, where you can dine and toast your Peruvian hosts.