SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – San Francisco is a coffee-loving and brewing city but now there’s a new roaster from across the bay.

Tonight on Dine and Dish, we catch up to the charismatic man behind Red Bay Coffee.

There’s no shortage of really great coffee in the city but make room for one more.

“What we’re doing at Red Bay Coffee – we do something called beautiful coffee to the people and beautiful coffee to the people really means trying to bring the specialty coffee and make it more accessible,” Keba Konte said.

Keba Konte is the founder of Red Bay Coffee based in Oakland.

He’s just opened up a new location in the Ferry Building at the old Peets space across from book passage.

“Our first coffee shop and our only coffee shop in San Francisco, my home town. So anyway it’s great to be back,” Keba said.

Keba is an artist and entrepreneur who sources beans from around the globe.  

“Right, coffee is Africa’s gift to the world. It started in Ethiopia and it’s moved around,” Keba said.

A bit more vintage history here – some of the big names of coffee were founded here.

“MJB, Hills Brothers, Folgers. Some of these are classic brands, of course, they’re not specialty coffees we have today, but at the time they really put San Francisco on the map,” Keba said.

Red Bay Coffee is at the forefront of what he calls the 4th wave of coffee – sustainable and diverse and the scene here at the coffee shop – like Keba – chill.

“I’m humbled for the opportunity to be able to serve coffee on these hallowed historic coffee grounds,” Keba said.