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SONOMA (KRON) — 10-year-old Maya Ives-McCrory is a Sonoma grade school student and budding businessperson.

“My grandparents are entrepreneurs, my parents are entrepreneurs and I wanted to be an entrepreneur as well.”

Their business — sausages.

“She’s got a leg up on us in that way.”

It all started with the family coffee shop and hot dog stand and morphed into this.

Maya’s mom started Sausage Emporium in the El Paseo Alley serving up sausages with a Sonoma twist.

“Being from New York originally, but being raised in Sonoma, I realized there was a kind of marrying up that could happen of the love of the hot dog and wine country,” her mom said.

These are no ordinary hot dogs.

They’re gourmet sausages with special sauces and a side of what the Wine Country is famous for — wine — even the sparkling kind.

Sausage Emporium has already outgrown the space and are moving to bigger digs on the south side of the plaza.

Meantime, Maya is busy selling by subscription.

“The Society” as it’s called delivers a selection of handcrafted sausages paired with wines straight to your home and just in time for the holidays.

Ss for Maya’s favorite from the menu?

“I don’t know I like a plain — it’s so good.”     

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