SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Social media is feeding a real hunger for all things food-related. Whether you’re looking for mouthwatering recipes to try at home or inspiration from top-notch chefs – you can find it on the internet.

On this week’s Dine and Dish, a unique spin on how to cook with kindness — Meet a local guy who’s reached TikTok stardom as Your Korean Dad.

Maybe you’ve seen him on TikTok?

“Hey, I’m your Korean dad. Want me to order some food?”

He’s “Your Korean Dad” Nick Cho.

Your Korean Dad is an internet sensation with millions of followers so we followed Nick to San Francisco and his charming coffee house called Wrecking Ball.

Since it’s been a wrecking ball of a year, it seems only fitting to down a cup with and talk about coffee, food, and what makes “Your Korean Dad” so wildly popular.

“My followers are from every walk of life. Every race, gender, you know sexual orientation. Even like internationals. I think that there’s something about what I’m putting out there. I’ve got to admit I don’t understand all of it,” Nick said.

Nick’s been compared to another idol – Mr. Rogers.

Your Korean Dad shows you how to make curry rice with kimchi and dispenses fatherly advice and friendly encouragement, something we could all use.  

“It became popular in Korea. Finger hearts it’s like a little heart shape. It’s a tiny heart.  You can do a hand heart,” Nick said.

Sure Your Korean Dad might teach you how to make a good cup of coffee or cook up chicken nuggets but his secret recipe is sincerity that feeds the soul.