Best places to watch the Fleet Week airshows

Fleet Week

The Navy’s Blue Angels were flying around San Francisco on Thursday preparing for the airshows for Fleet Week this weekend.

But where will be the best place to watch the shows?

Treasure Island is expected to have fewer crowds, but construction sites will continue.

This means there will be a few detours along the Island.

Some who watched the practice run today from Treasure Island say that it was a great location.

“It’s a beautiful site over here. They fly. They do their little tricks and stuff. I like seeing the kids, oh my god look at them they’re doing backflips. We’re in treasure island right but I usually watch them at the pier, Pier 39,” one onlooker said.

Pier 39 is another location recommended to watch from.

One Blue Angels fan has enjoyed watching from the pier since she was a kid.

“I remember them from when I was little,” the woman said. “The would always come here every year and huge crowds of people would stand in line and just watch them because they fly over the water and they would get so close and it was just so much fun.”

According to a Fleet Week Air Operations member, Donna Flynn, the best place to enjoy the show is from Marina Green.

Flynn says the Blue Angels fans will get a one of a kind experience from there.

“You will see the Blue Angels in the sky. You will see a C-130. Everyone is centered on marina green. The event is free to the public. You don’t have to pay at the gate,” Flynn said. “However there are additional things that you can purchase. We do have box seating which is still available. We do have upgrades to our executive club still available. People can go online and buy their tickets. Go”

Some families even say they will be watching from the water on a ship. WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON:


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