CUPERTINO, Calif. (KRON) — A local pediatric occupational therapy clinic in Cupertino is offering free virtual group therapy sessions for families throughout the Bay Area.

Development in Child’s Play located in Cupertino recently launched a six week long free virtual group sessions for families with individuals with developmental, sensory or coordination difficulties.

“We have been watching famous musicians offer free concerts, services online offer free products and we wanted to do our part in easing the struggle for anyone who wants what we have to offer,” co-owner of Development in Child’s Pay Sahana Baker-Malone said.

“We know that currently people have lost income and need to focus on paying for the essentials so it was important for us to meet a need without adding to their financial burden.”

The pediatric clinic has been offering occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy to families in the Bay Area since 1991.

With the school year coming to a close, the clinic wanted to create a free valuable resource and a number of fun activities as school children have less to do.

“The best part of our work is making people’s lives less stressful and more enjoyable. ,” Baker-Malone said.

Throughout the six weeks participating children will be split have the opportunity to sign up for six different groups — each focused to enhance a certain skill.

A team of 15 therapists will be able to guide participating children as they teach them how to manage all the changes occurring around them amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Four of the five groups are for children to learn through play, gaining skill in fine motor (hand skills), gross motor (strength, coordination and agility), meal preparation (self-care skills) and story time with movement (cognitive and kinesthetic development),” Baker-Malone said.

“We feel this is valuable now as children are often disregulated when the are stressed or there are changes in their routine, both of which are front and center during this pandemic and the shelter in place.”

The clinic is continuing to operate by providing tele-health services for thanks to funding from the Paycheck Protection Program.

Currently, 65 percent of the clinics clients are now being seen through their tele-therapy visits and look to partially re-opening to in-clinic services.

“Occupational, physical and speech therapy prepare people for the task of living less stressful and more meaningful lives and this is what we at DICP want to offer,” Baker-Malone said.

“We are not looking for huge results, but instead experiences of joy, self-worth and satisfaction in the everyday.”