HAYWARD, Calif., (KRON) — Local healthcare workers in the East Bay got much needed donations as they continue to work on the frontlines to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Healing Hands, a family-owned fashion house from New Jersey donated 300 pairs of its scrubs to support healthcare workers in the East Bay.

“We set up a process where organizations could submit their requests for scrub donations and tell us how they have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” co-owner of Healing Hands Sid Lakhani said.

“In looking at these requests and through monitoring the pandemic’s progression in the US, we saw that the Bay Area was being hit especially hard. Given how impacted the area was, we decided it would be a great place to donate scrubs.”

Local hospitals including Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, Saint Rose Hospital and Tiburico Vásquez Health Center in Hayward received donations as part of the Healing Hands’ nationwide effort to help healthcare workers.

The company is donating 10,000 pairs of scrubs and 20,000 KN95 masks to hospitals and healthcare workers across the nation.

In addition, the company also donated hundreds of KN95 masks to healthcare organizations across the state of California at various Kaiser Permanente locations.

“Healing Hands was founded out of respect and appreciation for healthcare workers and nurses,” Lakhani said.

“During the pandemic, we were looking to make a positive impact, so we decided to launch a nationwide donation effort to provide scrubs and masks for the people who need them most. We didn’t want to just cut a check – we wanted to give them something that would be immediately useful.”

Healing Hands was started by Lakhani’s father Bansi after he suffered a heart attack and was sent to the ICU in 1997. His father was moved by the care he was given from his nurses and promised to give back to those who took care of him.

Lakhani’s father noticed how uncomfortable the nurses were in their uniforms and from there got the idea to create a more stylish, comfortable scrub.

“Frontline workers are the people who wear and love our product and support our company every day. They take care of us and our families when we’re in our greatest time of need,” Lakhani said.

“They were the first ones on our minds as we were staying safe by making the switch to working remotely and closing down our offices. We couldn’t help but think of the people who were risking their lives every day.”

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