BRENTWOOD, Calif. (KRON) — A local elementary school principal in Brentwood is helping deliver food to many families in the community who are in need of food and other essential items.

For the last several weeks Principal Brian Jones and five fellow staff members from Krey Elementary School in Brentwood have been delivering meals to over 40 families who live far away from the school.

Delivering meals to families became a high importance to the school after learning over 40 children live a significant distance away from the school and can’t afford to drive into town to pick up meals each day.

“The food delivery has been a consistent priority for us to maintain but our emphasis with all students is to keep connected to them,” Jones said.

“I’ve been fortunate to have so many staff members willing to jump in and take the time out of their day to ensure our students were well fed.”

Families are delivered enough food to last them a week hoping to also help feed other school children living in each household.

Starting Apr. 6, every Tuesday and Thursday Jones and fellow colleagues have been delivering food and groceries to families throughout their community.

“Our school community is a family and those of us who continue to have the means to help others should do so,” Jones said.

“These are our students and we care for them whether they are at home or at school.  We have to help fulfill their basic needs first and then we can expect them to learn and thrive as students.”

The meals are prepared by the Brentwood Union School District food service staff who prepare thousands of meals each week for students at three different district school locations.

Despite having to convert the school towards distance learning, Brooks tells KRON4 the school will continue to make food deliveries a priority but will make it a high priority to stay connected with their students.

“The staff at Krey Elementary has been diligent about reaching every family from their classroom,” Jones said.

“They have made contact with every family and have checked in to make sure everyone has been healthy and have everything they need to participate in distance learning.”

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