FOSTER CITY, Calif. (KRON) — In Foster City oral surgeon specialists launched an initiative to offer a local student the chance to receive free wisdom teeth extractions.

Foster City Oral Surgery Specialists created an initiative called “Wisdom for Wisdom” to help a local high school students about soon to graduate or students entering college to support local students and their financial struggles amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“With the recent abrupt yield in our economy, we are thinking about the local students
in our community now more than ever, and want to help alleviate their financial burdens anyway we can,” Dr. Brian Yang said.

As the financial strain on college students continues to worsen and many to experience economic hardships because of the pandemic, there are some families who are also struggling to afford much needed dental treatment while juggling the cost of higher education fees.

The Wisdom for Wisdom program was designed to reach students with financial challenges and oral health needs in an effort to provide an opportunity to make college expenses more affordable.

According to Dr. Yang wisdom teeth removal takes place between the ages of 17 and 25 — and for many students and families budgeting for teeth removal while juggling the cost of higher education is often nonexistent.

“This program serves students who are low-income and who do not have the means to afford wisdom teeth extractions. Our goal is to ease the financial burden for students through the Wisdom For Wisdom program and help make a difference in the community,” Yang said.

The program is available for students residing in or around the Foster City community and can apply through June 11.