LOS ALTOS, Calif., (KRON) — A group of high school students are helping local senior citizens living at retirement homes get through sheltering-in-place orders through uplifting notes. Cards Of Care was started by high school students in an effort to send digital handwritten letters to the local elderly in the community to uplift their spirits during this time.

Cards Of Care was started at the beginning of April after the executive director and junior at Los Altos High School Brooke Soobrian read that seniors living at retirement homes would not able to have visitors due to sheltering-in-place.

“I know visitors and social interactions are one of the most important parts of their days, so when that was taken away, I wanted to do something small to uplift their spirits,” Soobrian said.

As schools continue to be closed the students from Los Altos High School, CalPac High School, Crofton House School in Vancouver and St. Georges School also in Vancouver wanted to do something uplifting and positive with the extra time they had.

Soobrian tells KRON4 she volunteers at a local retirement home and understands the power of what a letter can do to uplift the residents spirits up especially during this time of isolation.

“As students in high school, we’re often caught up in schoolwork and extracurriculars that we don’t realize how simple it is to help someone else,” Soobrian said.

You can submit a handwritten letter, poem or artwork to be sent to one of the four retirement homes in the Bay Area Cards of Care has partnered with. Cards of Care has also been able to send cards to Canada to a retirement home located in Vancouver.

It costs nothing to send a letter and all you need to do is take a photo of the handwritten letter or artwork and upload to Cards of Care here.

“You don’t have to spend any money, you just need five minutes and a piece of paper and you can help make someone’s day better,” Soobrian said.

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