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Grocery store worker donates stimulus check to feed families during COVID-19 crisis

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UNION CITY, Calif. (KRON) — When a Union City grocery store manager heard that she was going to receive a stimulus check from the government, she knew she wanted to give it away. Other people need this money more than I do, Shanna Fein thought to herself.

Fein works at a Lucky supermarket and she said she feels lucky to have a job and still be working during the COVID-19 crisis. Alvarado Elementary School is across the street from the store, and with schools closed for the school year, Fein knows some families are struggling to feed their children.

“I am so fortunate right now to have a job and have an income. I don’t think I need this check,” Fein said.

She coordinated her donation with school employee Mary Small, who gave Fein a list of groceries that families were most in need of.

“Hunger is one of those invisible killers in our society. Hunger is an every day tragedy, but even more so now with so many people unexpectedly unemployed,” Fein said.

Touched by Fein’s selfless gesture, Small decided to nominate Fein to be a KRON4 Hero.

Shanna Fein

Small told KRON, “Shanna is an essential worker at our local grocery store. She went above and beyond to make sure that students and families do not go hungry during this challenging time.”

Fein said she hopes this news story will motivate more people to think about donating to their local communities. Her own inspiration comes from her parents.

“Growing up as the daughter of a fire captain and school teacher, we’ve always tried to practice social responsibility. We would donate toys, clothing, make cash donations,” Fein said.

Even if someone can’t afford to give away part of their stimulus check, Fein encouraged everyone to look at things they currently have but don’t need, such as canned soup or vegetables in the pantry.

“Individual efforts do make a difference,” she said.

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