Oakley teachers throw parade for students amid the coronavirus outbreak

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Students line up along the sidewalks to greet their teachers in Oakley, CA.

OAKLEY, Calif., (KRON) — An elementary school in Oakley found a way to help keep their students spirits up amid the coronavirus pandemic. Despite schools being closed, Laurel Elementary School decided to pay their students a visit at their homes by hosting a parade.

Teachers at Laurel Elementary School wanted to give their students some sense or normalcy while the school year continues from home.

“We missed our kids and we wanted a way to see them and for them to see us … and be safe,” first grade teacher Kristen Dhaliwal said.

Parents were sent out the parade route through email as dozens families made posters for their teachers to show off during the parade.

Thursday morning teachers gathered at Laurel Elementary School and drove through the neighborhood as dozens of students waved at their teachers from the safety of their homes.

With the pandemic taking over many facets of everyday life millions of students and teachers have been forced to finish the school year virtually from home. When the shelter-in-place orders were given more than two weeks ago the elementary school was on spring break.

With school set to resume this week teachers felt a parade might be one solution to help boost their students morale up.

“This is kind of a way to connect with the students before we actually started teaching,” Dhaliwal said.

Tiffany Jeong has two children attending Laurel Elementary School and tells KRON 4 how excited they were to see their teachers.

“It was just a two minute drive-by but it was just so exciting,” Jeong said. “All the kids were able to yell out their teachers name and teachers were honking.”

With shelter-in-place orders millions of teachers have been daunted with the task to create engaging learning material for their students. Leaving many teachers and students finding new ways to attain the material taught.

“It was really nice for the kids to be able to open that relationship up again and just to see them,” Jeong said.

At a time when there is so much uncertainty, for the teachers, seeing their students gave them a reason to keep going.

“My heart has never been so full,” Dhaliwal said. “Tears were rolling down our cheeks, I mean it was amazing to see all the families out there.”

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