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KRON4 Morning Buzz: Athletes behaving badly

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - It's the "athletes behaving badly" edition of the Buzz -- even the Warriors are getting cantankerous! 

Russell Westbrook lost his temper last night at some taunting fans of course somebody caught it on their cell phone. 

There were a lot of F-bombs, but Westbrook threatened to beat up a guy and his wife who were sitting near the bench at the game in Utah last night. The Jazz fan says it was totally unprovoked and he just told Russ to ice his knees. 

Five fans got a formal warning last night that their behavior was out of hand but they were allowed to return to their seats, and the players say that's the problem -- fans are sitting so close they can reach out and touch them. 

Conor McGregor also making headlines for his arrest in Miami Beach, where he was booked into jail and released last night because he allegedly slapped the cell phone out of a fan's hand while leaving a nightclub. 

McGregor allegedly stomped on the cell phone and took it with him. 

He was arrested on felony strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief. 

Back home the Warriors' loss to the Suns was bad, but what did coach Steve Kerr say? 

Lip readers say Kerr said, "I am so ***** tired of Draymond's ****." 

Kerr says the lip readers are wrong and he apparently said, "I beg to differ with Draymond's approach tonight."

Just a couple weeks ago he yelled at that ref who got him ejected and fined for verbal abuse? Remember? It was the coach's Golden Globe-winning performance where he smashed the clipboard and went on a tirade. 



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