KRON4 Morning Buzz: Company surprises employees with $10 million bonus

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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Trending on the KRON4 Morning Buzz: A real-estate boss stunned his staff at their office party with a huge bonus. 

How much they receive depends on how long they have worked there. The average bonus check was about $50,000, totaling $10-million for 198 employees. 

The Yankees gave Garrett Cole a nine-year deal worth $324-million, which is the biggest heap of cash ever given to a pitcher. 

Since the Dodgers struck out on Cole, they’re expected to make a play for Madison Bumgarner, who is asking for $100-million over five years. The Giants are supposed to make their plea for him to stay this week. 

Bruce Bochy is going to manage the Blues in the World Baseball Classic Qualifier.

Steph Curry says from now on, he’s taking his kids wherever he goes after he got a tattoo for each child. 

‘Raiders Forever’ tattoos will be out of date on Sunday as it is the last game they will ever play at the Coliseum.

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