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KRON4 Morning Buzz: Tiger Woods gets lucky bounces at Players Championship

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - While Zion rehabs his knee, Nike sent their top people to China and came back with super-sneakers strong enough to support Zion's massive size and superior play. 

Zion put them to the test with an explosive return. He's been gone for a month from the knee injury when he got ripped through his shoe. 

The freshman shot a perfect 13 for 13 in Duke's 84-72 win over Syracuse. 

Meanwhile, turns out Joe Montana did use the company in question when his four kids were applying to schools. 

In a tweet, Montana says he used Rick Singer's company for minimal consulting services to help his kids with the college application process, but they got in due to their hard work and their merit. 

Phil Mickelson also used the singer's company. His oldest daughter goes to Brown and his other two kids are 15 and 17. 

He says his family is one of thousands that got college counseling and was shocked to hear the revelations about the bribes and the cheating. He says with his kids' grades, outside activities, and worldly views have colleges recruiting them and his kids would disown him if he ever tried to interfere. 

Tiger ended the round two under par, but it wasn't pretty getting there! 

He hit at least three into the trees and one into the water, not much you can do in the drink but lucky for him he got a few bounces off the trees. 

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