KRON4 Morning Buzz: Warriors embark on second half of season tonight

Morning Buzz

It’s the biggest rivalry in college basketball — Duke vs. UNC. 

Seats were selling for Super Bowl prices, all the rich and famous were there — even former President Barack Obama! 

But 36 seconds in, Zion Williamson, the biggest star in college basketball, plants his foot and his shoe rips apart — everybody was horrified and wondering how bad it is. 

The seam on the sneaker just ripped right open at the sole. Granted that shoe has to take a lot of force — he’s 6’7″, 280 pounds, but so are a lot of NBA players and we don’t see their sneakers blowing up! 

Duke was outplayed and lost the game 88 to 72. 

They said Zion had a mild knee sprain… so where does that leave the NBA’s number one draft pick? 

Rehabbing at best, or falling in the draft at worst — but he has insurance for that — an $8 million policy that only kicks in if he slips past No. 16 overall pick. 

Back home — can the Warriors compete with all the drama on the college courts? We’ll see tonight — buckle up for the second half of the season! 

It kicks off tonight in Oakland against the Kings and the champs are all ready and rested after the All-Star break. 

25 games to go and Golden State is in first place in the West with a 2-game lead. 

Colin Kaepernick still has no team but he has a new jersey — and it’s already gone. 

Nike’s new “7” shirt has Raiders colors even though the Raiders, Niners, won’t give him a job. 

The NFL did give him something to settle his collusion lawsuit, but we don’t know the amount. 

The jerseys went for $150 and sold out. 

In tech news — if you want to spend $2,000 on a phone — behold the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. 

It’s the first smartphone that unfolds like a book, so they beat Apple and they beat the price of any fancy iPhone. 

The Galaxy Fold will cost 41,980 when it comes out April 26.



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