Teacher of the Week

Teacher of the Week: Cindy Sperry

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - We've been honoring outstanding teachers in the Bay Area. 

Tonight, a substitute teacher everyone is delighted to see. 

We're talking about Cindy Sperry, known for being able to step in and take command of almost any kind of class. 

From mathematics and Spanish to economics, English, geography, and special education, Cindy is in demand not only because of her flexibility but her gentle and loving approach to her students. 

She says they always have her respect and she gets their respect in return. 

One colleague calls her a rock star for the way she can immediately relate to her kids and fellow staffers.

Cindy works with kindergarten, middle and high school students, and says she genuinely loves what she does. 

If you know a teacher you'd like to nominate, click here. 



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