Apple warns not to keep its credit by leader, denim, loose change, more

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(CNN) – You probably know to keep your credit card away from strong magnets.

But what about leather? Or denim?

Apple is issuing a warning to holders of its new credit card – keep it away from leather, loose change, keys, and well just about everything!

That’s because any abrasive material it touches can scratch it.

And leather, well that can stain it – and that stain won’t ever come off.

So don’t keep your Apple card loose in a purse, in a leather wallet, or in a pocket with any other items.

As for where you can keep it, that’s unclear.

But expect a cottage industry of solutions to pop up on an e-commerce website near you soon!

Apple credit card launched Tuesday with the promise it would be the “most significant change in the credit card experience in 50 years.”

It’s made of titanium, which is known among scientists to be as strong as steel.

But apparently, the element can’t hold up to plastic when it comes to credit cards.

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