SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — And just like that, Fleets have become a fleeting feature in Twitter’s latest update spree, as the social media company says goodbye to the Snapchat story-copy.

Fleets are disappearing from accounts on August 3 after debuting in November 2020.

Twitter jumped on the popularity of 24-hour expiring posts – started by Snapchat and booming with Instagram and Facebook Stories – to create their own version, separate from tweets.

Fleets didn’t pick up the momentum that Twitter developers had hoped it would. The company’s Head of Product, Brand & Video Ads Ilya Brown said they “haven’t seen increase in the number of new people joining the conversation with Fleets.”

The “working on some new stuff” includes experimenting with throwing some aspects of Fleets into the original Tweet composer and camera, such as GIF stickers and text formatting options.

The top shelf space on the app where Fleets are hosted will still highlight live audio conversations, however.

“We’ll continue to build new ways to participate in conversations, listening to feedback and changing direction when there may be a better way to serve people using Twitter,” Brown wrote.

And no… still no edit button.