Twitter details new ban on political advertisements

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(CNN) — Twitter released the details of its new policy banning political ads — which begins next Friday.

Politicians, candidates, and groups like superpacs can not advertise on Twitter at all.

But other groups and qualifying news organizations will be allowed to advertise on political issues.

Twitter will allow them to run ads geared at educating and raising awareness of various issues including the environment, economy, and social justice.

But those ads can not be used to influence political or judicial outcomes.

Senior Twitter executives acknowledge the company will face challenges implementing the new policy but they believe it’s the right first step.

The new policy comes as Silicon Valley faces increasing scrutiny over how it handles political speech.

Facebook executives have remained steadfast in their belief that politicians should be allowed to run ads on their platform — and they should be allowed to make false statements and even lie in the ads.

Google also allows political ads.

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