(KRON) – Some of the animals that shelters across the country take in are not only strays, they’re also injured, and that can present challenges.

When a Bay Area shelter received an injured dog, it turned to an age-old treatment to put it on the road to recovery.

It’s an emotional challenge to rescue an injured animal.

You always want what’s best, even though at times it seems the odds are stacked against it.

This little dog named Moki ended up in a shelter in Fresno with a serious burn injury. How it happened and how long she suffered isn’t known.

“She was, you know, fearful, painful, scared, anxious, you know, new environment,” Dr. Cristie Kamiya said.

Moki was transferred to the Humane Society Silicon Valley for treatment.

You might think that would mean some high-tech care but instead, Dr. Kamiya turned to an age-old remedy.

“It’s been around for thousands of years used in various, you know, human applications,” Kamiya said.

The treatment? Honey.

“I had a hive happen to mention it to one of our vets and she said, Oh, hives have, or honey has a natural antibacterial,” Bridget Keenan said.

Bridget Keenan had volunteered her yard to a local beekeeper. While not a bee expert herself, she did learn some things.

Honey contains an amazing natural remedy for certain injuries, including road rash and burns.

“What we take advantage of is its antimicrobial wound healing properties or some antioxidants in there and utilizing that to help control infections,” Kamiya said. “There’s other fancy types of wound treatment medications and things that you can use specifically for wound healing. And, um, but you know, a lot of times the honey is just as effective and a fraction of the cost.”

In short order Moki was back to being a healthy dog and was adopted to a happy family.

“Because we have an incredible medical center and we can fix them up and find them loving homes,” Keenan said.