Flying Tails: Napa County rescue organization makes animals’ lives comfortable

Flying Tails

(KRON) — In tonight’s Flying Tails, we visit a Napa County rescue organization that makes the animals’ lives comfortable.

We’ve been crisscrossing the state for years, picking up dozens and dozens of cats and dogs and even the occasional bear cub.

Once we drop off the animals, our work is done and we focus on our next trip.

But what happens after we’re gone — to the animals left behind?

“Those that can be, get adopted out,” Monica Stevens said. “Those that we believe this is their last and final stay of their life, we make sure that they have the best days of their life.”

Monica Stevens is the founder and CEO of Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch in Napa County.

It’s one of the many shelters and sanctuaries where our furry passengers get dropped off.

She gave us a tour to meet some of the 70 residents on the property, including Cupid the pit bull that had almost no hair and could barely walk.

He’s doing fine now.

And the new “Catio”, a cat patio for senior cats, some who’ve outlived their human owners.

“We have a great partnership with the Napa County animal shelter who gets a lot of senior cat surrenders,” Stevens said. “Over the past five years, we’ve probably taken in 200 cats.”

Many of the cats are in their teens and they and other unwanted animals will likely spend the rest of their days here.

“Mainly it’s from animal shelters. People surrendering their cats,” Stevens said. “People not being able to afford their horses the feed and the care that they need.”

Speaking of horses, some of those are here too. Each has their own personality.

Jameson said it’s helped more than 40,000 animals during fires and floods across California and beyond.

Some of the horses were rescued during the North Bay fire storms.

For more information, visit the Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch website.

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