(KRON) — Flying Tails is back! This time with a rescue flight involving one dog, two cats and two airplanes.

KRON4’s Ken Wayne is one of the pilots who helped get these pets to their new homes in Oregon.

Two cats were flown from Ventura County to Petaluma by volunteer pilot Paul Armstrong.

“The person who’s going to adopt them really likes that they’re both white and they both have green eyes. It’s like rare for cats or something. I really don’t know much about cats,” Armstrong said.

These two unnamed kitties are joining this big boy named Olaf who has been recuperating from a host of ailments after his owner turned him over to Lily’s Senior Dog Sanctuary in Petaluma.

“Not anything major, but he had bad ears,” said Alice Mayn of Lily’s Senior Dog Sanctuary. “He had infected eyes, he had infected ears. He had a lot of skin infections. He needed to be neutered. So we had to take care of all those things, which was fine. I mean, they were, they were things that we routinely kind of things we do.”

With the cats in their crate and Olaf in the back seat, the pets head to Oregon and where the destination is just south of Eugene.

Olaf seemed interested in the view — checking out the Trinity Alps in Siskiyou County and Mount Shasta. The cats were quiet as up ahead, there were scattered rain showers.

After about three hours, Cottage Grove Airport came into view. The landing involved skimming above the Willamette River to the runway.

On the ground, the cats looked unaffected. Their new caretaker was camera shy but said they would be well cared for.

Olaf couldn’t wait to see his new family.

Over the last few weeks, Olaf’s injuries have healed. He also found where the snacks were hidden.

“He got every last stinking crumb out of those bags and tore up my treat bag. So I made him go sit in the carnage and took a picture of him and he looked, he looked like he was not ashamed at all. and he was not sorry,” said Olaf’s new caretaker Sheri Amundson.

With the animals safely on the ground, it’s time to point the plane south and head back to the Bay Area.

Mission accomplished.