HEALDSBURG, Calif. (KRON) – A care facility in Northern California is dealing with a cluster of COVID cases. Since late September, 14 staff members have tested positive for the highly contagious virus.  

The hospital is working closely with the county health department to test all of it’s staff to try and stop any further spread.

At the Healdsburg District Hospital, a spokesperson says there has been no transmission of COVID to the 17 full time patients who live at this facility. That said, since late September there have been 14 positive cases and now a massive testing is underway.

Healdsburg District Health Hospital conducted 287 COVID-19 tests on Monday — 160 have been returned so far, according to hospital spokesperson Gina Fabinano and all 160 were negative.

The widespread testing got underway after a staff member was discovered positive and then over the course of several weeks, Fabiano says they noticed an uptick in cases going up to a total of 14 staff members testing positive for the highly contagious disease.  

Fabiano says they are working closely with the Sonoma County Public Health Department to do contract tracing and go over safety protocols.

On a countywide update, the Sonoma County health officer said she believes the district hospital is following protocol.

“We are waiting for more test results. They seem to be on top of the cases,” Dr. Sundari Mase said. 

Hospital spokesperson says they discovered two staff members who work closely with each other and are friends who often eat lunch together passed along the virus to one another.  those who tested positive isolated at home. 

Sonoma County health officials say the hospital is reflective of the county right now. It is still in the purple phase, while many other county’s move forward at this point. 

The doctor says most of the infection cases are between family members and friends. She also warned that the upcoming Halloween event tomorrow could produce a large number of cases and warned everyone to continue to stay vigilant. 

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